Fat and Flat Elephant ストーリー再現 ライミングで楽しく英語を学びます!

The Flying Elephant

大きなゾウは Fat Elephant それに対して空気が抜けたゾウは Flat Elephant、音からくる

ストーリー実践、たくさんの風船を Twist and connect つなげて大きなゾウ Fat Elephantを
風船と風船をつなげるのもあえて針金で出来ているPipe Cleaner モールを使います。

バン、バンと 「Pop」風船がわれる音がしていましたが、みんな1度割ってしまえば学びます。

Fat Elephant 空をとびました!


We read a story called "Flying Elephant". 

We talked about "fat" elephant and "flat" elephant as opposite words. Fat elephant as
an advertisement flies on the sky when the storm came and wind blew while it became
a flat elephant when the air went out.
We also talked about other opposite words "up" and "down" as the elephant goes up
on the sky and came down on children's playground after the storm.
Then, we used many colorful balloons to create one big flying elephant with pipe cleaners
to twist and connect each ballon together. With the balloon elephant we practiced using
the opposite words as pushing it up in the air and down on the ground.
We also practiced reading a story "One wheel". We talked about how many wheels
each different vehicle has and pretended riding on different vehicles such as a motorcycle
and a car with the sounds effect and music on.

We also read a story "Chips robot". We talked about how Chip was trying to make a robot
using different sizes of boxes and we decided to make a robot using balloons! We made a circle
and each child had a part to make; head, body, arms and legs and we connected each part
together with tapes and it turned into be a robot!


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