Reading日曜日クラス"Thank you, Dad !!"Teacher's comment

お父様へ「#1 Dad」ネクタイをプレゼント Teacher's comments

We had a wonderful rainy day inside on Sunday! 
We were able to sing some fun songs about rain including "rain rain go away."
and "It's raining, It's pouring"

We practiced doings out emotions by making happy, sad, surprised, sleepy, angry, and ecstatic faces.

We read our first book The Rope Swing. They loved watching the swing fall in and splash at the end!
We then got out our awning and practiced using the language from the story by climbing on the swing with our friends.

We then made for Father's Day gifts (thanks Dad!!!) by painting our hands and putting hand prints on a tie!

We finished by reading the story The Stream and reciting some of the lines.

We had a ton of fun and is always great getting to see all of our friends.

Teacher, Michael



The Rope Swing のストーリーから、「I climb on the swing.」「I go on the swing, too」

「Look at the rope.」「Splash! Oh no!」

みんな大騒ぎで役になりきり、落ちないようにBig Swing!

いつもは恥ずかしがりやさんも、大きな声で Splash!、大きな笑い声がひびきました!

「Father's day gift」 ありがとうの気持ちを込めて、白いネクタイに #1DADと書き、





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